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Looking for Test Management services & detailed reporting for your software/Application performance?

Get the complete test management report to make your software/application up to the mark!

100% detailed approach of test management

Analysis+Test Design+Bug Fixing+Execution

Our Test Management Steps

Our first step is to deeply understand the Requirements of your software/product by going through provided documents. We’ll collaborate with clients and discuss our queries for better proceedings.

Our team will come up with detailed evaluation of whole system based on requirement gathering and collaboration.

In this phase, test plan is made determining number of resources, tools, number of sprints, time estimation and more.

Based on predicted test scenarios, test cases will be written covering all possible scenarios of the system.

Baaed on evaluation, testing of the software will be conducted by our QA testers in order to meet the quality and reliability.

After performing testing of the system, identified defects will be logged in project management tool. Proper defect lifecycle is followed for bug logging, assignment, implementation and re-testing.

After the whole system is tested and defects are reported, our team will do in-depth review of the system to leave no defect exist in the system.

Explore Our Pricing Model


  • 1 Website/ 20 Pages(Max)
  • Any 3 OS/Browser Combinations
  • End-To-End System testing
  • Basic Performance Checkup
  • Basic Security Checkup


  • 1 Website/ 30 Pages(Max)
  • Any 4 OS/Browser Combinations
  • End-To-End System Testing
  • Usability Testing
  • Basic Performance Checkup


  • 1 Website/ 40 Pages(Max)
  • Any 5 OS/Browser Combinations
  • System Testing + Sanity & Regression Testing
  • Accessibility Testing
  • Detailed Performance & Security Testing